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Sheer Lips is a Semi-permanent lip make up treatment that aims to enhance your natural beauty. This technique is soo natural that once healed it will look super soft, even and borderless.

This is an ideal treatment for you if you are:

- Looking to add some pigment to your lips to improve your natural shape.

- Looking to correct uneven lips.

- Looking to neutralise cold undertones or simply looking to add a healthy glow!


Sheer lips are not designed to give you a bold look, they will heal very soft and ultimately look very natural. Swelling is normal and the colour will fade 30%- 50%.


Lips are a crucial part in looking youthful and healthy without applying your lipliner everyday.

This treatment will allow you to have full saturation of colour to achieve high definition with long lasting results.


Semi-permanent lip tinting procedures are the perfect, long lasting solution for correcting asymmetry and restoring lost lip contour.

Over time, lips can lose volume, definition and colour. The boarder of your smile can start to get lost. Adding soft layers of colour to the lip will naturally enhance your appearance and confidence.

All lip treatments include a consultation, treatment day and a second review session. 

Colour choices are tailored to every client individually offering wide range of colours from natural lighter tones to vibrant shades. 

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